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At CA Legal & Migration we believe education is just as important as representation when it comes to matters of law.

We’re passionate about wanting to ensure you receive the right advice and assistance when preparing a legal will and advance care directive, so much so that we have written an easy guide about Wills and Estates, including Advance Care Directives, to ensure you’re well-informed.

Our 6-page guide represents general advice only and we recommend you seek professional legal advice and assistance to finalise your directives.

The booklet contains information about a Legal Will, Power of Attorney and Advance Care Directive, including easy to understand definitions of terminology used.

We cover what property can and can’t be covered by a will and when you need to reconsider or review your will.

Do you need a Power of Attorney? We cover that too in the book.

Should you complete an Advance Care Directive? We look at why they’re important, who can write a directive and what happens if you don’t have an Advance Care Directive in place.

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