Help for multi-nationals

With the recent trend towards globalization, it is not uncommon for clients  to acquire business and personal assets in different jurisdictions.

We always take an individualised approach to engage with our clients. At CA Legal & Migration, we are experienced in providing assistance to and working with clients from diverse nationalities and cultures.

Within that context, we assist our clients with various services such as:

  • Preparing an estate plan (Will, Power of Attorney or Advanced Care Directives);
  • Commercial & Company Law matters;
  • Property transactions;
  • Commercial Leases; and
  • Migration assistance.

What we offer:

We provide advice on potential issues that may arise for the dual-national client with assets in Australia and overseas while taking into consideration:

  • The use of testamentary and other inter-vivos trusts to achieve the client’s goals.
  • Cultural, language or social issues. We will arrange for an independent interpreter where required.
  • Current intestacy provisions in South Australia and any implications for the temporary resident property owner.