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Your Migration Pathway Assessment

Finding it hard to navigate the world of migration in Australia?

Let CA Legal and Migration help you navigate the obstacles.

We can assist you with a range of migration law issues, including visa eligibility assessments; migration advice and assistance with your visa applications; appealing visa refusals and cancellations.

Let us clarify the complex migration pathway for you.

Save time you spend searching for solutions on the internet.

Receive quality, professional advice tailored to you.

Let us simplify a complex and rapidly changing process.

And, the good news is our principal migration lawyer is a migrant herself, so she understands the challenges you are facing, and are likely to face in the future as you navigate this complex process.

Let us get a quick assessment of your migration pathway and needs by completing our short entry survey.

CA Legal & Migration helps you to

Get clarity

We help you get clarity and the information you need to make the right decisions about your migration pathway.

Avoid Mistakes

We can help you to avoid making mistakes which can be costly in time, money and emotionally.

Save money

We can help you save money by giving you the best migration pathway for your needs without wasting time or money.

Let me help you …

As a migrant myself I understand the challenges you are facing now, and which you are likely to face in the future, on your Australian migration pathway. It’s not easy, and you want to know that the person who’s helping you is genuine and knows what you’re going through.

As well as being a migration agent, I’m also a qualified and practising lawyer in Australia, so can also assist you with other legal matters as they arise.

Let me help you by completing my migration pathway survey, so I can find the best solution for you.

Chioma Amaechi migration assistance
Chioma Amaechi – Principal Migration Lawyer