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About Us

CA Legal and Migration provides complete legal and migration services to both Australian and international clients. Our goal is to make the legal system accessible to everyone!

As well as in-office appointments for Loxton and Adelaide-based clients, we also offer a visiting service to homes, offices and nursing homes, after hours appointments, plus WhatsApp and Zoom consultations for our interstate and overseas clients.

We provide an upfront fee estimate so you don’t have any nasty surprises. At CA Legal & Migration, you are not just another client number, we see each client as unique and we will work to get the best possible outcome for you.

Chioma Amaechi

Principal Solicitor – Chioma Amaechi

Our principal/owner, Chioma Amaechi, loves living in the Riverland and has a particular passion for assisting women in business, local business owners and also those who have migrated to Australia to achieve their goals.

She migrated from Nigeria to Loxton, South Australia with her husband Godfrey Amaechi and her young son in June 2006.  Godfrey is a General Practitioner at the Loxton Medical Practice.

Chioma has legal qualifications from both Australia and overseas. She was admitted to practice law in the Supreme Court in Nigeria in 2000 and the Supreme Court of South Australia in 2015.  This dual multi-jurisdictional qualification and experience give her unique skills to provide specialised legal and migration solutions to individual and corporate clients in Australia and overseas. 

She also holds a Diploma in Financial Planning and is a registered migration lawyer. She regularly commutes between Adelaide and Loxton to see clients, and is available to meet with you by appointment at any of our offices in South Australia, at your office or remotely.

She was recently featured by New Humans of Australia. Read her story on their Facebook page here.

Our Services:

General & Family Law

  • Divorce, property settlements
  • Contract/Commercial Law matters
  • Power of Attorney and Advanced Care Directives
  • Estate disputes and Probate applications
  • Wills and Testamentary Trusts

Migration matters

  • Visa eligibility assessments
  • Citizenship applications
  • Migration advice
  • Visa applications
  • Business sponsorship/nomination applications
  • Appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Federal Circuit Court

Clients who have had their Visa dreams come true:

  • CA Legal & Migration played a significant role during a challenging time of travel restriction internationally during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chioma kept us updated on every step of the visa process, and the outcome was a positive one, immediately the travel restriction was lifted internationally and the visa granted. The way Chioma handled the visa process even in the mist of the pandemic was satisfactory and we recommend the good work.
    Mr and Mrs Obiawuchi
  • I wanted to apply for a partner visa and permanent residency and was overwhelmed and confused by the requirements listed online. Chioma organised everything I would need for the visa and gave me advise on how to better my chances of it being granted. My partner visa was granted after just 7 months from application.
    Johanna Grauer
  • As always Chioma explained everything very clearly. She is always a joy to work with.
    Chiew Lan
  • Chioma was professional, polite and empathetic, taking time to explain clearly and simply the questions I asked. Highly recommend!
  • Easy to talk to about sensitive matters at emotionally, challenging and difficult times.

    As Featured in

    “One of my earliest experiences in Australia was having my first Tim Tam in the hotel room in Adelaide after a very long flight. I remember thinking, ‘Oh my God, I have to keep the other one for my husband!’, but then after an hour, saying, ‘Nah’, and eating it myself!

    At that time, I was 35 weeks pregnant, and I had a 4-year-old son. We were making our way to Loxton, a town in the Riverland, where my husband had found work as a doctor.

    When we finally arrived, everyone in the community was so welcoming. There was even a welcome pack for us in our home with all the food we needed. When I gave birth three weeks later, many people offered help. One person was Betty, who took me to the shops to buy baby things. From there, our friendship grew, and we now we call her and her husband our kids’ Australian grandparents. They even come over for Christmas dinners!

    After a while, I started to think about working again. I had been a lawyer before, but when I first contacted the law society here, they gave me this long list of subjects to do, as I hadn’t practiced for 10 years. So I put that list in a drawer and forgot about it. Instead, I got a job in the homelessness sector as a case officer. And I went on to have another child. But then, when the children were all at school, I brought out that letter again.

    I ended up deciding to do my law degree again from scratch. My husband was really supportive and that went a long way, but it wasn’t easy. I was still working part time, and of course I had three kids. There were times when I’d drive to the riverfront and just study in the car. Or before I went into the bedroom to study, I’d lay out a big tray with all kinds of food, and say, ‘Mummy has to study for two hours. So if you are not on fire, don’t come in!’

    After I finished, the tricky bit was getting work in the Riverland. When I finally did, I had to go to the firm’s head office in Adelaide every week to do supervised training. In 2018, my position in that firm was made redundant because they closed the Riverland office. So I decided to start my own business, a migration agency. I also began work as a solicitor part-time with another local firm, but finally, last year, I was able to go out on my own both as a lawyer and as a migration agent, which I am very proud of.

    When we first arrived, I told my husband that I didn’t want to pack our lives into another suitcase in a long, long time. I said, ‘This has to work’. And having that intention has been helpful to both of us. Overall, it’s been more than a 10 year journey for me. But I eventually got here, with a few grey hairs along the way!”