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We offer a caring, understanding service to our clients, acting on your behalf in all areas pertaining to family law.

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We offer an estate planning package which includes a will, power of attorney and advanced care directive.

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Property &
Commercial Law

It is important to get timely legal advice relating to your business, commercial or property matters.

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Family Matters

We understand that family breakdowns are stressful times for everyone involved.
We offer a caring, understanding service to our clients, acting on your behalf in family law property settlements, divorce or children’s matters.
We work with you to try to find a resolution to your family disputes, always mindful that delays can result in not only more distress for family members, but can also be very costly.
Our aim is to make the legal system accessible for all and we will help you navigate the best options to resolve your dispute.

Wills/Estate Planning

We offer an estate planning package which includes a Will, Power of Attorney and Advanced Care Directive and will work with you to ensure that your testamentary documents accurately reflect your intentions.
The first step in preventing a bitter estate battle is to ensure that your Will has been properly drafted following a well thought out succession plan.
This will ensure that your estate is not wasted in legal battles and that most importantly your family relationships are not destroyed.
We can also advise and represent you in any existing estate dispute and or estate mediation, Guardianship Orders at the South Australian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (SACAT), family law property settlements, divorce or children’s matters, commercial leases and contracts.

Property & Commercial Law

It is important to get timely legal advice relating to your business or property matter. We provide legal advice relating to your:
  • Business, commercial law and corporate matters
  • Property transactions; and
  • Small business start-up information

Migration FAQ

Partner Visas

I have been dating my boyfriend for four months and I came into Australia on a working holiday visa. We are very much in love and I want to remain in Australia permanently. Is this possible?

The Department has strict criteria to be eligible for a partner visa. Firstly, you must be in a genuine and continuing relationship. Secondly, if it’s a defacto relationship your relationship should have been ongoing for 12 months before you apply for the visa, or you should be in a registered relationship. The partner visa application is a very complex and time-consuming process. We recommend that you seek adequate migration advice and we are available to assist you.

My partner and I have applied for a partner visa for me. My partner is a sponsor and an Australian Citizen. Our application has been refused. We are both in Australia. What can we do?

When your partner visa application has been refused, your letter of refusal will detail the reasons for refusal, and the time limit within which to appeal that decision. It’s important that you seek advice as soon as possible after a visa application refusal. It’s important that you also file an appeal within the time limit. We are available to provide advice to you regarding this.

Skilled Migration

Can we attract overseas skilled workers right now, during COVID-19? My business is struggling to find a skilled worker and we are in a regional area?

Right now Australia has very strict border measures in place to protect the health of the Australian community. An individual, or a person cannot come to Australia unless they are in in an exempt category, or they have been granted an exemption to the current travel restrictions.

Some of those in the exempt category include Australian citizens, permanent residents, an immediate family member of an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen who usually lives in Australia, a person travelling through Australia for 72 hours or less, a person recruited under the government-approved seasonal worker program, or Pacific Islander scheme, or a person who holds a Business Innovation and Investment Visa.

If you are not part of this group you will need to apply for an individual travel exemption to enter Australia. If your worker is not part of the group above they will need to apply for an exemption to enter Australia.

What is a critical skill and what is a critical sector?

Your employee should have a critical skill or be coming into Australia to work in a critical sector. An example would be providing specialist medical services. It could be maintaining the supply of essential goods and services such as medical technology, critical infrastructure, telecommunications, working in the agricultural sector. As long as your employee is coming in to do any of those roles they are eligible to apply for an exemption to come into Australia.

Can I ask my new overseas worker to reimburse me for my migration expenses?

No. Your new worker cannot be made to pay for your migration expenses such as any levies, fees paid to the Department of Immigration and fees which are paid to a Migration Agent, or the Skilling Australia Fund Levy. It is illegal to ask your worker to reimburse you for migration expenses, however, you do not need to pay for your worker’s visa application costs. The visa application fee for your migrant worker is their responsibility.

What happens if my new foreign worker decides to leave my employment, or if they do not resume work?

If you have employed a new overseas worker and you have technically informed the Department of Immigration that you have a new employee and that you are sponsoring that person, if there are any changes, including the fact that they aren’t coming to work, or if the employee/employer worker relationship is terminated for any reason, you are obliged to inform the Department of Home Affairs. It is one of your obligations as a sponsor to keep the Department of Home Affairs updated regarding your relationship with the worker.

What is the process to get a skilled migrant worker to assist me in my business?

Before you can sponsor a skilled overseas worker in your business there are a few steps you need to follow. First and foremost it is important to demonstrate that you are unable to attract and retain an Australian Citizen or permanent resident to do the work. And there are ways to show that you have made genuine attempts to hire an Australian Citizen. Secondly, you need to be aware of your obligations as a sponsor. So, if you determine that you are not able to find an Australian citizen to do the work you have to become a standard business sponsor, and you need to be aware of your obligations as a sponsor. And, if you go through those steps, CA Legal & Migration is available to talk you through what the process is and to assess your eligibility to sponsor a skilled overseas worker for your business.

Clients who have been able to move on from legal issues:

  • The whole process was fantastic and stress-free and Chioma was always happy to help. Thank you for all your knowledge and experience, and for guiding me through a complex process. I will definitely use your service again.
    Helen Partridge – Berri Medical Clinic
  • I needed help to try and settle property with my ex husband who hasn’t been cooperative since we separated 10 years ago. CA Legal and Migration helped me contact my ex husband and finalise everything that needed to be done between us without me actually having to talk directly to him. After 9 years of trying, we were able to finally settle everything and the house is now in my name, also finalised our divorce.

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